In addition to our course descriptions, its important to hear from our course graudates about the quality and impact of our programs.  Below are some quotes taken from course evaluations.  If you would like to connect directly with graduates from any of our courses, please contact our office.

The Ecology of Leadership

  • Using experiential, nature and community-based leadership development, the Ecology of Leadership program blends inquiry and skill development, self-awareness, and deepened nature connection with principles of systems thinking and permaculture. With the support of a powerful and dynamic circle, you will explore leadership from the inside out, envisioning and stepping into the possibilities you hold for your life and your service path.

  • The Ecology of Leadership program really has the potential to help people individually and also collectively as a group heal wounds that we have been carrying around our whole lives. And through that find love in our hearts for ourselves. And be able to go out into the world and live that. Live love and love life.

  • The Ecology of Leadership is opening my heart, blowing my mind, and providing such a sweet connection to wonderful people. If you are looking for an experience to create the life you dream of, support your vision, cultivate good habits, and have a good time, this is it.

  • I’m clarifying my visions for what’s possible, for what I really want, and taking direct action steps towards those visions.

  • Who wants to claim the possible? That’s a boring way to live.
    You might as well claim the impossible. It’s YOUR life. The clock is running.
    Claim the impossible

  • It feels so right – nature as guide/teacher/elder. I have also learned effective processes for decomposing stories that no longer serve me. I am speaking with more power. I am more open and coming from my heart rather than my head. As I change, everything else in my life shifts as well.

  • I have become a stronger and more empathetic leader. This is a deeply enriching program and sets a foundation for you to see yourself fully and what you can achieve.

  • I have a deeper understanding, forgiveness, and patience and new, wiser ways of seeing the world and people around me.”

  • Graduate refections from this summer's EOL Program

    "This has been the absolute BEST journey I have experienced in my life.  Well worth it!" 

    "EOL is a life saver! I'm alive with the new ways of being, thinking, approaching life! There are endless opportunities for me now; the blockages no longer exist. I have resources to carry me further and hold me as long as needed!"

    "The EOL journey can transform your life in ways unimaginable."

    "I was hesitant to spend money on something that didn't 'certify' me to do something else in work.  But the pull from my heart told me to do this anyway, and it has been by far the most important and most valuable investment of my life.  Taking the time to just sit for days at a time surrounded by an entire village of support is unlike anything I've ever experienced and I was able to do the work that needed to be done to catapult myself into a world of possibilities that I could never have imagined on my own."

    "One of the best decisions of your life. A long term ongoing unfolding of community and personal transformation."



  • "This is a fabulous course that integrates all components — self, environment, animals, community, habitat and agriculture."

    — Graduate
  • "One of the most transforming two weeks of my life. Beautiful land, people, and experience! I would do it again and again if I could."

    — Graduate
  • "I recently graduated from the course, and let me just say that it was an amazing experience. The lessons are not just about using the least amount of resources or the smartest design to achieve the greatest outcome, but they are also about beauty, empowerment, and healing of the land, our homes, communities, and ourselves. I gained so much personally from that course, and I know that everybody in my class felt the very much the same way. Penny, James and the other instructors are incredibly inspirational and talented."

    — Graduate
  • "I feel so blessed that I chose to do this program rather than go back to a traditional school for graduate studies. I definitely feel like I had my successes and grew a lot in my power as a community member and in my knowledge of the natural world and regenerative design concepts... I feel like I have the ability and skill level to invent and create work for myself, whatever it is I am inspired to do... I have certainly benefited from the connections to potential career opportunities RDNA provides."

    — Molly, RDNA Graduate 2006-07