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Regenerative Herbalism

Healing the Planet, Healing Ourselves

Reclaiming our heritage of herbal medicine and developing medicinal food forests for health and healing.

Regenerative Herbalism Program

The Heart and Soul of Healing

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Healing the Planet, Healing Ourselves 

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Throughout recorded history, nearly every culture on earth has used plants to thrive and heal. Recognizing and respecting the power of nature is a critical part of RDI’s story.  Integrating the Hermetic herbal tradition, Indigenous herbal wisdom and Permaculture together, this medicine program is taking this field to a new level. The interest of complementary herbal medicine is expanding and many people who are becoming more interested in maintaining healthy vital lives will continue and increase their use of herbs in the coming years. People who understand how to grow, sustain, harvest, produce, and prescribe these natural medicines are highly valued in communities and industry and as well as clinical practitioners.

Our Regenerative Herbalism program allows participants to experience a depth of understanding of the whole plant by seeing where they grow and how they like to live.  These programs are practical hands-on learning as we learn to grow, harvest and preserve the magical medicinal gifts these plants have to offer.

Herbal Ecology and Regenerative Teachings (HEART)

Early Bird Discount: Save $300 if you register by December 31st, 2016!!

$100 Discount if you attend Introductory Herbal Medicine Weekend Sept 9-11, 2016

This Year Long Herbal Studies program will connect us to the healing power of plants through Traditional Ecological Knowledge and the Ancient Tradition of Hermetic Alchemy with Ayurvedic Traditions.  We will share wisdom teachings that have previously been held secret to protect their integrity. These teachings are now being allowed to be released to caring practitioners and healers. We will take these teachings and practical knowledge home to create remedies between classes to cultivate and refine our medicine making practice. We will bring them back to class for evaluation and sharing with our peers. A comprehensive medicine bag of herbal healing remedies will also be created individually. In addition we will develop our own herbarium so we can learn on a very deep level about many powerful healing plants. Penny and Jeanette will be joined by guest instructors to create more diversity of approach and richness to the curriculum.

Topics include:

Plant ID and Botany

Cultivation of Medicinal Plants

Proper Harvesting for Plant Preservation

Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Indigenous Perspectives from Indigenous practitioners.

Traditional European Knowledge: Secrets from the ancient pre-Christian alchemical traditions of Europe.

Botanical Astrology: Learn the relationships between the Plants and the Stars and how they affect your body and organs.

Preparation and Preservation of Plant Constituents: Medicinal Teas, Oils, Salves, Creams, Tinctures, Powders, Gels, Tritrations, Elixirs, Bach Flower Essences, Hydrosols and Essential Oils, Spagyrics.

You will create your own preparations and design your own materia medica medicine bag both during class time and at home in between gatherings.

You will create your own Herbarium and Plant Monographs in the tradition of Carl Linne.

You will learn about Plant Communities and Native California Ecology.

We will meet for 4 practicum labs, tours and workshops.

Dates:       Location: Bolinas California  March 3-5     May 12-14       August 4-6 

                  Location: Three Rivers California Sept. 8-10

Each weekend classes will start at 10:00 AM on the Friday and End at 5:30 PM on the Sunday.

Herbal Ecology and Regenerative Teachings (HEART) Selected weekends March -Sept. 2017

Tuitiion for the course is $1700.00. This includes Camping accommodations and materials for in class practicums.

There will be additional material costs for home apothecary, developing herbal library and homemade remedies for a medicine bag. These costs will vary.

Early Bird Discount: There is a $300 discount if registered by December 31st, 2016!

An additional $100 discount for people who are attending our Art of Distillation: Making Essential Oils and Hydrosol Weekend Sept 9-11, 2016.

Please click on this LINK to register for the Herbal Ecology and Regenerative Teachings (HEART) Program.


 Dates: March 3-5     May 12-14       August 4-6    Location: Bolinas California 

 Date:   Sept. 8-10  Location: Three Rivers California

Each weekend classes will start at 10:00 AM on the Friday and End at 5:30 PM on the Sunday.


Accommodations: Camping is included in the tuition. There are sleeping accommodations available locally at an additional cost. Please contact penny@regenerativedesign.org for details.

Wifi is available on site. Limited cell reception. There is a landline available.

There is a shared bath-house with showers.

Meals: You will provide for your breakfast and lunches. Coffee and tea will be provided every morning.  We will prepare a nutritious Saturday night meal together embodying the skills, philosophy and practices from the class studies.

Stove top cooking only.

Refunds will be provided minus a $50.00 cancellation fee prior to Jan. 15, 2017