Nature Connection

Awaken your senses and explore the stories of the landscape through the Tracking and Nature Connection.

Tracking and Nature Connection Series


 "Individuals who develop authentic depth in their nature awareness, especially through the bird language journey, will also notice they cause waves in the world around them... This leads to deeper levels of awareness and tracking, both on the inner and outer landscapes--it becomes a process of healing."   —Jon Young, What the Robin Knows

As human beings, our very humanity has its basis in nature. Our senses have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to understand natural systems and how they work. Our body is a natural system that is nourished and sustained by nature, and our hearts and minds are also nourished by the energy of nature.

When we can listen and observe with all of our senses, we deepen this nature connection and experience a sense of joy and well-being. We feel connected to our source and are present in our body and less distracted by our thoughts.

Although our modern lives can be filled with purpose and be truly engaging, it becomes harder to feel grounded and deeply connected when we’ve lost nature-based skills and no longer cultivate a profound personal connection with Nature. A deep nature connection enhances our ability to utilize the wisdom of natural systems when we design our lives, our land, and the tools we need for sustainable and regenerative living. This is true on a personal and community level.

Wildlife tracking is a skill and a way of being in nature that turns our senses on and deepens our connection to the natural world. Tracking is a perennial human capacity, and tuning and training our minds to track the connections between all life brings peace of mind and well-being. It is an essential skill for success in permaculture, herbalism, and nature-based leadership and personal development. Tracking powerfully expands our awareness and sharpens our ability to see nature.  And tracking is simply a lot of fun!

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